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Movie Collector

Manufacturer: BV W.G. Plein 384 1054 SG Amsterdam The Netherlands

Product Description:
Movie Catalogue Database

All Windows and Mac Op Systems

Retail Price:
CAD $59.75
Tom Vickerman
Date Reviewed:
20 August 2013
Positive Features:

  1. Program automatically inserts CD cover shot.
  2. You can manually type in the movies number or use a barcode reader.
  3. Search the database by movie name, category of movie, action, comedy, etc.
  4. Search by actor or year or by director.
  5. Notifies you if duplicates movies entered have.
  6. Track movies loaned to family and friends by Date month or year.
Negative Features:

  1. None noted.

As a fan of all types of movie and film genre, my wife and I begin collecting movies many years ago in their original cases. One day I realized a collection had grown to 350 movie titles and I badly needed a way to catalog and track our growing collection. For couple of years I started using an Excel spreadsheet to track our movie collection and this proved to be a very tedious and labour-intensive task. Moreover, did not give me the results I wanted if I need to search for particular movie or type of movie such as comedy action drama or classic movie.

I was talking one day to my friend Don the publisher of Great Canadian Reviews and we got on the subject of a movie database, and the search was on to find a workable solution. Little did we realize at the time that the search would lead to lead us to one of the gems on the Internet. A company called Collectorz in Amsterdam Holland. Don suggested I download a trial version and see if this database was compatible with my needs to catalog our movies.

I downloaded the trial version and after installation from the very first screen, I was extremely impressed by the software. Just typing in a few movie numbers under the barcode gave me instant access to all the data I had been hoping for as a movie database. I called Don back and we discussed this database in more detail and Don contacted the company to see if was possible to get a copy for review. Collectorz was very willing and helpful and provided us with copies to test and review. If you download a trial, version and then buy the copy it was simply a matter of typing in your license number and all the data you input was retained in your now full the operational copy. I set about testing the software and soon encountered a slight problem with the time required to manually type in well over 200 movies at the time. I decided to purchase a USB handheld barcode scanner for a modest cost of $59.99. Once installed on my PC tower the barcode scanner made entering the movies a breeze and extremely fast.

If you have an iPhone, smart phone or tablet, Collectorz has a scanner app for $7.99 CDN, and you can send the data directly to your laptop or PC.  However, if you have a large collection and do not have a smart phone or tablet then I suggest you buy the handheld scanner from a computer supply company such as Tiger direct. Scanner gives a very quick way to add movie data to your database.

Using the handheld scanner, it took me a few days to add our movies into the database and I was amazed how easy it is to work with the program. The Collectorz movie database also tracks TV shows and stores them in season one, season two, season three, season four etc. formats make it easy to keep tabs on your entire collection. It always is a good idea once you have your database partially completed or completed to make sure you make a backup copy in case of a system crash.

In addition to the Movie collector database, the Collectorz Company makes a Cook Collector, Music Collector, Comic Collector, Game Collector, MP3 Collector, and a Photo Collector database programs. If you're collecting passion fits into any of those categories then you must try one of Collectorz programs. The database programs are well-designed easy-to-use very searchable and extremely affordable.

Movie Collector's ease of use, multiple application functions and faultless operation has earned it Great Canadin Reviews Highest Awared, The Gold Leaf Award for Excellence.

Tom Vickerman,
Great Canadian Reviews

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