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HTML Editor v14

Coffee Cup

Product Description:
Advanced Web Design Editor

Win 8, Win7,Vista OSX

Retail Price:
(Upgrade from HTML Editor v12..US$19.00)
David Bell
Date Reviewed:
14 Feb 2014
Positive Features:

  1. Code completion and built-in validation tools
  2. Characters, snippets, code, schema, and websites tabs
  3. Multi Websites Project tools for controlling and checking features
  4. Split screen preview displayed below your code as you work
  5. Quick external browser view for up to 10 browsers
  6. Structured Data Module for SEO
  7. Sync to CC's S Drive or use CC's FTP to upload
  8. Free trial period
Negative Features:

  1. None noted

The HTML Editor v14 is a significant upgrade from the HTML Editor v12. Web designers who have been previous users of Coffee Cup's HTML Editor will appreciate the new Meta Tag Generator included with this version, and if you are a previous owner of v12 the upgrade is a miniscual $19.00 US. This meta tag generator makes it easier for bots such as Google's to review your sites and ascertain key bits of information to give your sites better ratings.

Twenty years ago I started out with a 700 page HTML manual and notepad to write code for web sites. You can imagine the frustration, errors and time it took to complete a simple web site using a win 365 OS. I graduated to trying many of the other versions of editors on the market and the complexity, instability, and cost of these sytems were even more frustrating. In the early '90's I discovered Coffee Cup's HTML Editor and since then with their upgrades it has become an ever-increasing love affair.

Whether you are a newcomer to Coffee Cup's HTML Editor or an old veteran, I highly recommend CC's HTML Editor v14 for simplicity, comprehensive feature rich tools and overall excellent performance. The ability to open several pages from different sites and work on them at the same time is a feature that has saved me many hours of coding time.

Take HTML Editor v14 out for a trial spin, kick the tires, and enjoy the ride. While you are out there touring in your new classic, visit Coffee Cup's Forum and chat with the other owners.

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